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Nathan Hartono

Nathan Hartono is a bilingual Singaporean singer-songwriter-actor with multifaceted artistic pursuits. 

Since his debut in 2006, Nathan has released music in both English and Mandarin, starred in a feature film, propelled his game to mainstream consciousness with his participation in Sing! China, and captivated the hearts of audiences across Asia and beyond with his soulful performances and charisma.


His popularity as a household name continues on an upward trajectory, with him representing Singapore as its theme song performer for National Day Parade 2020, on top of a multitude of successful partnerships with Singapore Tourism Board and global brands such as Amazon and Disney. 

As a bilingual artist, Nathan released his debut Mandarin EP, Do Nothing Day《什么都不做的一天》 in September 2020.

The EP, with its easy-breezy, carefree summer vibes, showcases a perfect blend of R&B/acoustic/funk that Nathan is well-versed in. Embarking on a brand-new musical journey that showcases his vulnerability and versatility as an artist. Nathan is ready to add another dimension to his already illustrious and multifaceted career with his latest EP, Edge of Days. The four-track collection, featuring the singles "I'm Fine," "The Difference," "Simple," and "Didn't We," perfectly captures the inner struggles of trauma, self-love, and sentiments of the pandemic days.


Reflecting on his musical journey as a recording artist thus far, Nathan hopes to continue to surprise with his approach to music and his creativity for the road ahead. 

Says Nathan, "I've always loved unpredictability, and I feel like the idea of me has gone a little stale. I'm looking to shake it up a little, both for myself and you."